Connecting with friends of OLE Nepal

During a visit to the US in November 2014, our Executive Director Mr Rabi Karmacharya met with various groups and individuals interested in learning about OLE Nepal’s vision and programs, and also led discussions on the need to address the problem of rising disparity in access to better opportunities among children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Meetings and programs were held in New York, Boston, Middlebury (Indiana), San Francisco, and Washington DC area.

Special thanks to the Chalphal organizers in Boston, Ram KC and Karen James in Middlebury, and Reena & Bobby Shrestha in DC for organizing and hosting the talk and dinner programs.

Annual OLE Nepal benefit dinner in Middlebury, Indiana

Ram KC and Karen James hosted the annual dinner at their residence in Middlebury, Indiana, USA on November 15, 2014. Friends, family and colleagues gathered for presentation followed by conversation with OLE Nepal’s founder and Ram’s high school friend, Rabi Karmacharya. Thanks to the generous contributions from the folks in Middlebury and Goshen, Ram raised over $16000 for laptops for children in Bajhang.

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