Trip to Solukhumbu: A photo feature
Kids from Dudhkunda Lower Secondary School. OLE Nepal started its E-Paati program in this school in 2012.
Sumit Acharya, Network Engineer from OLE Nepal helping a school teacher updating E-Paati laptops with the latest content.
Kindergarten and First grade students of Dudhkunda School. The two teachers take care of these students in the same classroom. Kindergarten kids sit in the left hand side of the room while ones in first grade sit on the right side of the classroom.
Fourth grade students from Janajagriti Lower Secondary school using E-Paati. The school has a room dedicated for E-Paati. There are custom-made wooden racks for laptop storage and charging points. They use E-Paati once a week for each class.
Teacher helping the students in using E-Paati.
Kids outside the classroom.
Kids from Swarnim Primary School using apricot seeds for arithmetic. Their teachers use different interactive techniques to teach these primary level students. This is one of the schools where Nepal government is piloting an educational initiative that involves using activity-based milestones rather than regular exams to upgrade students to next grade.
A staff from Phaplu Community School cleaning E-Paati laptops. Her one kid also attends the same school. She told us that since it is dusty and windy there, laptops need to be cleaned regularly. This is the first school in Solukhumbu district where OLE Nepal started its program. In this school, there is a laptop assigned for each kid, which they can also take home in weekends.
A little boy from Garma Secondary School marching with Khata to offer to OLE staffs. The school had organized a program to greet the OLE staffs.
A second grade student who has not used E-Paati yet as OLE Nepal has not been able to reach to her school. It is our mission to reach every possible school in Nepal.
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