What a year it’s been...
...Looking back and reminiscing!
Students from Bajhang learning activities in XO laptops

The year 2014 has been a remarkable one for OLE Nepal with the start of new exciting projects and activities. OLE Nepal has entered the seventh year of partnership with Nepal Government’s Department of Education (DOE). This year, we formally included the Curriculum Development Center (CDC) and the National Center for Educational Development (NCED), and the four sides signed the agreement to collaborate on the design, development and implementation of ICT-enhanced education in schools of Nepal. This unprecedented agreement between an NGO and three key agencies within the Ministry of Education system is a testament to OLE Nepal’s credibility and the leadership role it has taken in bringing transformation in Nepal’s public education system.

Our plan to expand the laptop project in the remote far-western region was implemented with the launch at ten primary schools in Bajhang in January 2014. This was a monumental achievement not just from the perspective of our long-standing efforts to reduce the disparity in access to quality education in rural Nepal, but also for the support and partnership from a wide range of individuals and institutions in making this happen. With active involvement of the DOE and Bajhang District Education Office, the schools and local communities wholeheartedly committed to the new approach to teaching-learning for their children. While the UN World Food Program provided the funds and logistical support for program implementation, training, GIZ helped install solar energy systems and furniture at the schools, and individuals and organizations from Nepal and abroad donated funds to procure laptops for the schools.

We also got the opportunity to involve young enthusiastic individuals to work hand in hand in reaching every child through our volunteer program. The volunteers got a unique opportunity to put their skills into action while gaining invaluable insights about life and education in rural Nepal. In total six young volunteers spent ten weeks in the school communities, working with children and supporting the schools. The youth volunteer program caught the interest of the reigning Miss Nepal Subin Limbu, who has joined the campaign to engage the youths of the nation in transforming education, and introducing better learning opportunities to the children from disadvantaged communities in remote parts of the country. Following this campaign, four new volunteers are already part of our second phase of laptop project in Bajhang and will be spending 2-3 months volunteering their time and skills assisting teachers and students in utilizing the digital learning educational resources at their schools.

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