Youth encouraging youths

“Our first few years of attending school are the most precious times in childhood” says the enthusiastic Miss Nepal 2014 Subin Limbu, who believes in cultivating good learning habits from the early years. Her belief in the importance of quality education filled with meaningful, interactive and fun learning opportunities for children brought her to OLE Nepal office, long before she won the crown.

Subin with kids from Kalika Primary School in Bajhang

In collaboration with OLE Nepal, Subin is leading a campaign to engage the youth of the country in transforming education, and introducing better learning opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities in remote parts of the country. This campaign encourages young people to take the charge to address the widening disparity in access to quality education, and help ensure brighter future for thousands of children who have been marginalized due to socio-economic and geographical reasons. The campaign aims to mobilize the youth to leverage technological advancements to bring innovative solutions to rural parts of the country.

Through OLE Nepal’s volunteer program, I have learned we can inspire these children by using technology to expose them to the amazingly diverse world out there.

During her visit to Bajhang with OLE Nepal’s team in November, Subin said, “The positive energy and enthusiasm that the youth volunteers bring give children a chance to build bright futures for themselves.” Having been a volunteer herself, she understands the importance of the service that can be provided to the children and teachers for their benefits. She believes that providing uniform access to better learning opportunities is critical in the quest to build a fair and egalitarian society.

Subin brought global attention to this project when she shared it at the Miss World 2014 held in London in December 2014. Do check her Beauty with the Purpose video here.

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