We are extending our reach to thirteen new schools!

We have taken another step towards bringing access to better learning opportunities to all children in Bajhang. As part of the second phase of our laptop program, thirteen schools recommended by the Bajhang District Education Office (DEO) have been added, resulting in a total of 23 program schools in the district. OLE Nepal conducted an orientation for the thirteen schools in three different venues in Bajhang: Shree Chetana Primary schools in Deura, District Education Office of Bajhang and Food for Education office in Deulekh in November, 2014.

The program was organized to inform and discuss the responsibilities and required preparation by the schools for effective implementation of the program. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between OLE Nepal and respective schools. Each school was represented by the headteacher, school management committee chair and parent-teacher association head, while the DEO chief Mr. Moti Lal Sharma and school supervisor Mr. Surendra Bahadur Kathayat, and WFP representative Mr. Binod Dev Bhatta also spoke at the program.

Orientation program for teachers of newly selected schools
Laptops for the students!
Intern busy testing XO-4 Laptops for deployment

December was a busy month for us at OLE Nepal. First we received the shipment of 260 OLPC XO-4 laptops. These durable and low-power laptops designed for learning have proved to be a great asset in our program schools. The new touchscreen feature has made the laptops even more popular among kids. Our technical team, with the help from interns and volunteers, rolled up their sleeves to test each laptop and load them with customized Nepali OS interface, dual keyboard feature to allow Nepali and English typing, and our learning activities, E-Paath.

Special thanks to the Goshen community (Indiana, USA), IDRF (Maryland, USA), Making Miles for Millenium Foundation (Holland), Jyoti Group (Nepal), and many other friends and well-wishers who have donated generously for these laptops. We will share photos of Bajhang children with the laptops in the next issue of our newsletter.

Solar power systems and furniture at schools

For this next phase of the laptop project in Bajhang, nine of the thirteen schools have been fitted with solar panels and batteries to power the laptops. Two of the schools already have solar power system, while two were close to the national grid. Likewise, specially designed desks to accommodate laptops and power adapters safely have been built and shipped to the schools along with accompanying benches.

Desks and benches dispatched to Bajhang
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