E-Paath is a free learning platform created by OLE Nepal with over 500 interactive learning modules that are designed to align with Nepal's national curriculum. Catering to specific subjects and grade levels from 1 to 8, E-Paath modules are available in Nepali and English languages, and adaptable to any. E-Paath also offers instruction in Nepali Sign Language (NSL) for grades 1 to 6. E-Paath is accessible through any web browser, on mobile and tablets, and can be utilized online via OLE Nepal's digital library, E-Pustakalaya.

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Designed for interactive and contextual learning experiences.

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Complements national curriculum for learning objectives.

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Uses contextualized images, audio, animations, games.

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Each module corresponds to a subject and a grade.

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One - Eight

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Math, Science, English, and Nepali (Grades 1-4)

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In Nepali and English, Chepang (Grades 2-6), and NSL (Grades 1-6).

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Modules include activity guide for teachers and guardians.


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Grade 3 | Math

Three Friends and a Pear Tree

ghoda mero grade 3 nepali

कक्षा ३ | नेपाली

घोडा मेरो छँदै छ

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कक्षा ३ | हाम्रो सेरोफेरो

स्थानीय प्रविधि


Grade 5 | Math

Measurement of Angles


More About E-Paath

How is E-Paath developed?

A team of curriculum experts, graphic designers, software developers and translators work together to create E-Paath activities. From conceptualization to design and development, the team pays close attention to ensure that the activities meet the learning objectives, are fun and interactive, and the graphic elements, text and audio components are contextualized to match students' diverse local environments.

E-Paath Development Process

What is our approach for E-Paath development?

E-Paath design and development is based on a student-centered learning approach. The learning content is situated in real world scenarios and local context so that learning is personally meaningful to the students. We provide timely assessment so that the students can learn in a practice-based approach at their own pace. Along with giving fun and engaging learning experiences to the students, we also aim to promote a positive attitude to learning and positive self-esteem as a learner.

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Current Projects

Digital Content Update and Tablet Support Program

Sept. 1, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023

The Digital Content Update and Tablet Support Program (DUTP), supported by the KDDI Foundation and in collaboration with Lalitpur Metropolitan City and Citynet + Arts, aimed to update 163 E-Paath activities in Math, Science, English, and Nepali for Grades 1-8. This update, which aligns the content with the latest national curriculum guidelines, not only refined the user interface and user experience but also introduced a variety of interactive modules to foster deeper student engagement.

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Empowering Local Communities through Local Language Education and Skill-Based Training

Jan. 1, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2028

The LLEST Project targets two critical educational challenges in Nepal: the shortage of learning materials in local languages for early childhood education, and the lack of quality resources for skill-based training in rural areas. The project aims to enrich early learning with interactive stories in various local languages, while also enhancing vocational training accessibility through digital courses, focusing on bridging educational gaps in underserved communities.

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Digital Learning Solutions

We develop free and open learning resources, designed with a student-centered approach and tailored to the local environment, to provide engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students.

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Robotics and Programming

We train students and teachers to build and program robots using educational robotics kits, sensors, and easy-to-use graphical coding interfaces, fostering problem-solving, creativity, and technical skills.

Teacher Trainings Icon

Teacher Trainings

We empower teachers through comprehensive training in IT literacy, child-centric interactive teaching, and seamless integration of ICT-based instruction, utilizing practical teaching and interactive hands-on sessions.

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Infrastructure Support

We help schools set up low-power and affordable computer labs connected to an offline server and WIFI router, providing access to learning resources in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

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