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We acknowledge the vital role of teachers in the success of any school program. Ensuring their complete comfort and confidence in technology-assisted teaching approaches is crucial for their impact on the teaching-learning process. It is also important to reassure them that ICT-based education only modifies their role, rather than eliminating it entirely. Our training programs concentrate on IT literacy, child-centric interactive teaching, and seamless ICT integration. Through presentations, interactions, hands-on activities, and practice teaching, we equip teachers to conduct successful technology-integrated classes, empowering them to create engaging learning environments for their students.

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Comprehensive Training Program

Our training program empowers teachers through comprehensive and intensive sessions, covering essential areas such as IT literacy, child-centric interactive teaching, and seamless integration of ICT-based instruction. Teachers will gain practical knowledge and skills to effectively conduct technology-integrated classes, fostering engaging learning environments for their students.


Regular Support and Monitoring

Beyond the initial training, we provide continuous support to our teachers through in-school and refresher trainings. During the in-school training, held four to six weeks after program commencement, teachers receive hands-on experience and feedback on their ICT-integrated classes. Additionally, approximately six months after the launch, a refresher training reinforces key concepts and addresses any challenges. This ongoing support ensures that our teachers stay equipped and confident in their teaching methodologies throughout their journey.


Interactive and Engaging Approach

Our training methodology combines presentations, interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and practice teaching sessions to equip teachers with the necessary skills and confidence. Through this interactive approach, teachers become adept at seamlessly integrating technology into their classroom teaching, enriching the learning experience for their students.

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The initial training is an intensive seven-day program held just before the launch of the ICT-based education initiative in schools. During this phase, teachers will engage in various activities to prepare them for technology-integrated classes. The key focus areas include: 

  • Education philosophies and understanding how children learn.
  • Enhancing IT literacy and familiarity with digital tools like E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya.
  • Effective integration of ICT in classroom teaching.
  • Classroom management and seating arrangements for optimal engagement.
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Typically, four to six weeks after the program launch, the in-school training phase commences. This stage involves hands-on experience for teachers, as they work with students using digital tools. Trainers will:

  • Review lesson plans prepared by teachers and provide constructive feedback.
  • Observe ICT-integrated classes conducted by trained teachers to assess implementation.
  • Address challenges faced by teachers in applying the initial training concepts.
  • Identify areas of improvement in the teaching-learning process and provide guidance.
  • Offer feedback to teachers to refine their skills and techniques.


The final stage, typically conducted six months after the program launch, serves as a refresher to reinforce key concepts and address any challenges encountered during ICT-integrated classes. Teachers will receive:

  • Clarifications on any confusions that may have arisen during their teaching experience.
  • Orientation on additional activities to further enhance technology integration.
  • Review of general troubleshooting techniques.
  • Opportunities to share lessons learned during the program.
  • Encouragement to pass on their acquired skills to other teachers, fostering a community of empowered educators.

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