Infrastructure Support

We are committed to bridging the digital divide in under-resourced rural schools by leveraging rapid technological innovations and the open-source movement to implement effective ICT-based education initiatives. By installing school networks with servers and Wi-Fi routers, we bring digital learning resources, including E-Pustakalaya (digital library) and E-Paath, to areas without internet connectivity. Our use of low-cost and low-power technology, such as Raspberry Pi computers, ensures efficient and sustainable implementation, providing a wide range of educational materials, including books, videos, and interactive learning resources. Together, we strive to empower students and teachers with equal access to quality education, fostering a brighter future for Nepal's next generation.

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E-Pustakalaya School Network

We help set up school networks that include a server and a Wi-Fi router. The school servers are equipped with E-Pustakalaya (digital library), E-Paath, and a variety of other learning resources, ensuring access to educational materials even in areas without Internet connectivity. Content updates for the server are available either by using an external drive or at the OLE Nepal office. This ensures that the learning resources remain up-to-date and relevant, providing students and educators with the best possible educational materials for an enriching learning experience.

E-Pustakalaya School Offline Network

Renewable Energy Sources

We have experience working in both electrified and non-electrified areas across Nepal, providing reliable power solutions through solar installations at project schools. Our expertise includes advising schools on safe electric wiring systems and implementing proper equipment protection against voltage fluctuations and lightning strikes. Additionally, we install power backup systems to ensure uninterrupted access to digital resources for students and teachers, ensuring that learning continues seamlessly even during power outages.

Solar power for remote areas


Offline Server


Our servers host an offline version of E-Pustakalaya, capable of storing vast amounts of information at a fraction of the cost of a traditional library. While physical books are cherished, schools in rural areas benefit from the extensive selection of educational videos, interactive learning materials, and other audio-visuals offered by the offline digital library.

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We empower schools with affordable, low-power, and powerful Raspberry Pi computers, developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK, making them an ideal choice for schools in Nepal, especially in rural areas with limited electrical access. In the past, we utilized the XO laptop, known as E-Paati in Nepali, as a durable learning tool loaded with E-Paath for personalized learning.

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Our free digital resources are easily accessible through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. We are also actively exploring the potential of utilizing durable and cost-effective tablets for deploying E-Paath, E-Pustakalaya and other learning resources in our project schools.

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