Robotics and Programming

We train students and teachers from public schools to build and program robots using educational robotics kits, including sensors and controllers, alongside easy-to-use visual coding interfaces running on affordable computers. Our learning modules and hands-on training programs are thoughtfully designed to foster logical and creative thinking, technical proficiency, and teamwork among students. Through this initiative, we are dedicated to equipping the next generation with essential skills for success in a technology-driven world, while contributing to a brighter and more inclusive future for Nepal.

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Engaging Learning Modules

Our team designs engaging and comprehensive learning modules to introduce 10-16 year old students and their teachers to the exciting world of robotics and programming. These carefully curated materials equip participants, even without prior computing experience, with the necessary knowledge and skills to build and program robots using educational robotics kits, sensors, and controllers.

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Comprehensive Training Programs

Through hands-on training programs, we empower students and teachers from public schools to unleash their potential in the field of robotics and programming. Participants learn how to use easy-to-use visual coding interfaces running on affordable computers, making the learning process accessible and enjoyable. By providing them with the tools and expertise to create and program robots, we strive to inspire innovation and creativity in both students and educators, preparing them for a technology-driven future.

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Inter-school Robotics Challenges

We organize exciting inter-school robotics challenges for our project schools, celebrating students’ learnings and providing a friendly yet competitive platform for students to apply their knowledge, creativity, and teamwork in real-world scenarios. The inaugural Robotics Challenge was held on June 21, 2023, which saw students from 10 public schools in Lalitpur Metropolitan City compete in building autonomous cars and autonomous object collectors.

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We employ child-friendly educational robotics kits, complete with LEGO building blocks, sensors, and controllers, to delve into the captivating world of robotics. These kits provide hands-on experiences in building structures and assembling robots. Powered by Arduino (Studuino) boards, these kits facilitate the construction of simple to advanced robots in a user-friendly manner, enabling students to design dynamic and interactive creations. With their intuitive design, these robotics kits ensure an enjoyable and empowering learning journey for young learners.

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We use user-friendly visual programming software like Studuino that opens doors to the fascinating world of coding. With a simple and intuitive interface, this software allows learners of all ages and backgrounds to effortlessly program and control their robots. By removing the barriers of complex syntax, the visual coding environment nurtures creativity and curiosity, encouraging students without prior computing experience to experiment and innovate with ease.

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We use Raspberry Pi computers, which are a powerful and cost-effective tool, boasting versatility with their compact form factor and low power consumption. These devices run the required visual programming software, and are ideal for students to seamlessly program and interact with their robotic creations anywhere. With Raspberry Pi, students also have the flexibility to explore a wide range of programming concepts and applications, unlocking endless possibilities in their robotics and programming journey.

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