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We develop free and open learning resources with a student-centered approach, tailored to the local environment, creating captivating and meaningful learning experiences for students. With the mission to empower both students and teachers, foster a love for reading, and cultivate a positive attitude towards learning, our interactive platforms ensure unrestricted access, even offline through our innovative offline-server technology. By bridging the digital divide, we extend quality education to all, regardless of location, making learning accessible and transformative.

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Interactive Learning Platforms

We offer a diverse range of interactive learning platforms, all developed by OLE Nepal, such as E-Paath, HRK, E-Pustakalaya, Math & Science Games, Seepalaya, and Sanketik Sikai. Our comprehensive offerings encompass curriculum-aligned modules, interactive early-grade reading materials, animated children's stories, learning games for math and science concepts, a personalized learning app, and a platform to learn Nepali Sign Language. With unwavering dedication to continuous improvement, we regularly enhance our learning platforms, ensuring dynamic and engaging educational solutions that evolve with learners' changing needs, empowering minds with the best possible resources.

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Free and Open Access

We believe in providing equitable access to quality education for all. Our learning resources are freely accessible to everyone online, available through web browsers and mobile apps. Additionally, our innovative offline-server technology ensures uninterrupted access to educational materials on computers, mobiles, and tablets even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. With both online and offline options, students can learn anytime, anywhere, empowering them to embark on their educational journey at their own convenience.

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Engaging and Contextually Relevant Learning Experiences

All our learning platforms and resources are thoughtfully crafted by a dedicated team of curriculum experts, graphic designers, software developers, and translators. From conceptualization to design and development, we ensure that the activities align with selected learning objectives, combining curriculum-based and supplementary content to create engaging and interactive educational experiences. Emphasizing a student-centered approach, our content is situated in real-world scenarios and tailored to match students' local environment, making learning personally meaningful.

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Free and open digital library for all

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Free curriculum based interactive digital learning materials

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Sanketik E-Paath

Free interactive learning for hearing impaired children

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Hamro Ramailo Kathaharu

Free animated children's stories and language games

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Math & Science Games

Free interactive math and science games

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Sanketik Sikai

Free interactive learning for Nepali Sign Language

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Free personalized learning application for all

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Free intelligent OCR app to make Nepali/English text documents accessible

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