Seepalaya is OLE Nepal's latest learning platform, currently in prototype version, offering six math and science courses for grades 4-5. Our vision for Seepalaya is to develop a personalized learning application that will empower students and educators benefiting from our E-Paath and other resources. The envisioned application will enable them to track learning, check progress, and assign courses as part of a comprehensive learning experience. With the goal of expanding its scope, Seepalaya aims to cater to learners of all ages including those outside the traditional educational system, nurturing diverse interests and skill levels.

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Personalized learning application for all learners (prototype)

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6 self-learning courses on Math and Science skills for Grades 4-5

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Promotes concept and skill based learning

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Allows learners and guardians to track learning progress


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Solve problems like an inspector | Algebra 1

Fraction 2 course thumbnail

Have Fun with Fractions | Fractions 2

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Make Circuits | Circuits 2


Current Projects

Self-learning application prototype development

2023 | Seepalaya

Supported by ONGD-FNEL, this project successfully developed a working prototype of a self-learning application called Seepalaya, offering 6 math and science courses tailored to grades 4-5. The courses were thoughtfully designed to integrate activities, videos, and games from our existing learning resources like E-Paath and Math & Science Games, as well as external platforms like Khan Academy and PhET Interactive Simulations. Additionally, the application includes personalization features for student, guardian, and teacher logins, along with capabilities for tracking progress of learning and more.

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Digital Learning Solutions

We develop free and open learning resources, designed with a student-centered approach and tailored to the local environment, to provide engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students.

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Robotics and Programming

We train students and teachers to build and program robots using educational robotics kits, sensors, and easy-to-use graphical coding interfaces, fostering problem-solving, creativity, and technical skills.

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Teacher Trainings

We empower teachers through comprehensive training in IT literacy, child-centric interactive teaching, and seamless integration of ICT-based instruction, utilizing practical teaching and interactive hands-on sessions.

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Infrastructure Support

We help schools set up low-power and affordable computer labs connected to an offline server and WIFI router, providing access to learning resources in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

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