Digital Content Update and Tablet Support Program - DUTP

Sept. 1, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023

Status: Completed

The Digital Content Update and Tablet Support Program (DUTP), supported by the KDDI Foundation and in collaboration with Lalitpur Metropolitan City and Citynet + Arts, aimed to update 163 E-Paath activities in Math, Science, English, and Nepali for Grades 1-8. This update, which aligns the content with the latest national curriculum guidelines, not only refined the user interface and user experience but also introduced a variety of interactive modules to foster deeper student engagement.

Title Digital Content Update and Tablet Support Program
Abbreviation DUTP
Start date Sept. 1, 2022
End date Aug. 31, 2023
Status Completed
  1. All online users of E-Paath platform
  2. Students and teachers from 6 public schools in Lalitpur Metropolitan City.
  3. Students and teachers from schools with existing or new offline servers.
Activities and Timeline
  1. Updated 130 E-Paath activities for Grades 1-5 in English, Math, Science, and Nepali, ensuring alignment with new national curriculum guidelines.
  2. Updated 33 E-Paath activities for Grades 6-8 in English, Math, and Science subjects, ensuring alignment with new curriculum guidelines.
  3. Updated 184 tablets and 6 offline servers at 6 schools in Lalitpur loaded with digital learning resources including E-Paath and other resources.
  4. Trained teachers and students.
  5. Facilitated the dissemination of the updated E-Paath in project schools alongside the deployment of new offline servers.

KDDI Foundation

Lalitpur Metropolitan City

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