Sindhuli, February 2023

OLE Nepal with the support of the KDDI Foundation conducted a five day teacher’s training at Shree Navajyoti Deaf Secondary School, Sindhuli. The five days were set aside for training sessions, which covered NSL E-Paath, Sangketik Sikai, E-Pustakalaya, digital content integration in their daily teaching and learning process and an introduction to computers and their uses. We concentrated on the technical features of the offline servers, fundamental operations of computers, their components, and often used software. The training also focused on the program’s management, learning theories and pedagogical features. The training course was guided by an NSL interpreter, especially for teachers with hearing impairments.  

The teachers were introduced to E-Paath activities, E-Pustakalaya content, the activities were demonstrated with regular and NSL where the participants also learned ideas about the integration of E-Paath contents in their lesson plans to make learning effective and a hands-on session was conducted familiarizing them with it. Similarly, an overview of various sections of E-Pustakalaya was demonstrated and the participants were introduced to various educational contents available in the E-Pustakalaya. 

Furthermore, the teachers were very active during the session and the curiosity in the teachers’ approach to teaching, more significantly, the incorporation of ICT. Since this was their first exposure to digital NSL that can improve their students’ learning, deaf teachers are more impressed by NSL-integrated materials.