OLE Nepal has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with ONGD-FNEL for the project ‘Digitally Enhanced Early Grade Reading Programme’. The main objective of this proposed project is to design and develop interactive high-quality digital content to help children learn to read Nepali. This content development project aims to make reading fun and interactive for young learners through the use of familiar images and word references. Under this project, OLE Nepal will also work to promote and provide free access to learning content for all schools, teachers and students through the existing network of local governments and educational authorities.

With the total grant amount of 150,000 Euro, spread over 5 years, OLE Nepal will work to build on the ten years of experience in content design, development, and development for the sole benefit of the end-user, i.e. children across the country who do not have Nepali as their mother tongue. We want the content that is created under this project to be effective for beginning readers. Addition of audio-dictation / listening-text will make the digital learning materials fun and effective in helping children learn the concepts and follow instructions.

ONGD-FNEL is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Luxembourg in 1989. Originating in Luxembourg’s scouting movement (Luxembourg National Federation of Scouts and Guides-FNEL), it supports numerous projects promoting the development of education in Nepal. ONGD-FNEL works to contribute to a sustainable improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged populations mainly through social reinsertion, education and training.